About the Archive

Professors i personal d’administració d’EINA al Pont de l'estació de ferrocarrilProfessors and administrative staff of EINA at the bridge of Peu del Funicular railway station. Photography of Manel Esclusa.

Since it was founded in 1967, EINA has been both a pioneering school in the teaching of design and a place of cultural innovation through which many figures in our recent cultural history have passed, both students and teachers. As testimony to this, we conserve a documentary collection comprised of photographs, programmes and administrative documents of the school, correspondence and other handwritten materials, brochures and press cuttings.

The EINA Archive looks after this fonds, now being catalogued, as a record of the evolution of the school itself, but especially as material for historical and educational research into design. Beyond a memory, the archive has to enable historic reconstruction on solid and objective documentary foundations that permit stories and interpretations to be updated.

The archive is not static but feeds on new contributions that are added year after year through donations or what the archive itself generates (e.g. the gathering of oral histories).

Fonds and collections

Currently, the Archive has the following fonds:

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona
D'EINA, Associació d'Exalumnes (in process description)